The K Stands for Kedida

My name is Derege Kedida. I started Kedida.com in 2004 with the aspiration to share my music with my friends and loved ones around the world. What started out as a project has grown over the years from just a few friends to a large followers.

Why do we do it

We do it for the people. Tune in listen, enjoy and SMILE! Pretty simple.

This site is created to serve only one purpose and one purpose only… to play music 24/7 that is accessible from any where in the world. Here, one comes to relax and listen flood of music that heals once's soul. We don’t get financial gain from this site, but we know for sure…it’s putting smiles on many faces.

if you have a request or want to see some other music just fill out the contact us form on the contacts page and we will make sure that if we have the cd we will put it on the airwaves for you to hear! Just take the time and thanks for listening to Kedida.com

Our Website

Our website was donated by Kedida and Burd Ventures, LLC

Our website was donated

Our website was donated by Kedida and Burd ventures LLC Check out some of there work. They have alot of customized websites and it seems like they are a great deal. We truly appreciate KBurd!